Making of bird in the cage illusion

Making of bird in the cage illusion

At this page you will see how i made optical toy named thaumotrope.

At first, I sketched out a plan of the device on a piece of paper. I was assume that images would be on a sides coin but i needed something more flatter. Coin wasn’t that. Finally instead of coin i choose a metal washer. In local shop i was find a correct one.

The next step was cutting brackets from brass plate and bend over them.

To make the brass brackets more apperance, i rounded their upper edges of them. I did it on my new grinding wheel device. Then I drilled holes.

In the metal washer had to be milled groove with a width of 2 mm in a middle of them. That 2 mm space is dedicated to the shaft. It’s necessary to bring them all together for a while. And find out whether they fit.

When i already have two piece of the disc, i can join them to the shaft. I did it using hard soldering.

After attached the brackets to alarm clock case with a screws and nuts, I make the space for green rubber who transmitt the movement. I do that by excision small piece of brass.

We’re going to the end. I want to join the legs to the mechanism housing. To better mechanism apperance i cutting four square parts from a brass plate. I connect the square plates and legs to the machine case using glue.

It is almost done. One must to polishing the mechanism and oil the movable parts.

Thank’s for watching.

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