Making of winding music box

Making of winding music box

In this entry I will introduce you how the mechanism was created.

At the beginning I didn’t assume that there will be post type “how i made it”. So this post contain not too much as should. I just not taken the pictures of all steps of development. This time you must forgive me.

At the beginning i spreaded old alarm clock and get the casing of the mechanism.

I didn’t need all the parts from the alarm clock. I used a casing, a spring and several gears with shafts. I bought gears and shafts. After cutting off the appropriate length of the shaft, it was time for the lathe to work. I don’t have a lathe, so I made a simple replacement.

I put new elements to the mechanism using a magnet. I check if there is a free space. Whether everything fits.

Due to the limited space I had to cut some of the gears I bought, shortening them. After cutting the obligatory grinding.

The mechanism is powered by a winding spring. The rotational torque is transmitted in two directions. To the left, where the movement is multiplied by the individual gears. The fan rotates the fastest, which is used to slow down the whole system, regulate movement. The rotational torque is also transmitted downwards and upwards through the bevel gearbox to the music box.

I must admit that i used many time gas burner to patch holes in the mechanism casing, connect metal parts.

In order to slow down the system even more, and thereby also the music played, it would be necessary to use a worm gearbox at the fan. Maybe in future.

Thanks for your visit and see you next time!

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